Saturday, October 1, 2016

Weekly Update

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Not much going on this week, I squeezed in my September #FitReader 5k just in time and I finish the Phoenix 10k Challenge from US Road Running. Which was weird... I somehow managed to go from running the 10k in over an hour to a little over 40mins. The only thing I did differently was cover up the time display on my treadmill. It's strange how a little piece of duct tape could effect my time like that. The only thing I can think of is that I was subconsciously allowing myself to slow down, when I saw how long I was running? Any ideas? All I know is I'm leaving the tape on and not looking at the time from now on.
In order to get some strength training in I started The Strength Protocol program and 2 Minute Multiplank Challenge on Darebee. I usually suck at programs or challenging myself but I'm hoping by posting on here it'll keep me on track. 

9/24/16:  Ran 2.50 miles in 18:39 mins on trail
9/25/16: Ran 6.56 miles in 43:08 mins (My 3rd 10k in the Phoenix Challenge)
9/26/16: Yoga for 19:08 mins
9/27/16: Rest
9/28/16: Ran 3.39 mi in 21:52 mins (my #fitreader 5k)
9/29/16: Rest
9/30/16: Ran 4.43 miles in 27:27 mins
Day 1 of The Strength Protocol  program and 2 Minute Multiplank Challenge from Darebee

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