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Monday, November 14, 2016

{Book Review] Ten Years Later by Lisa Marie Latino

Ten Years Later
by Lisa Marie Latino
Publisher: Long Shot Publishing
Release: October 4th 2016
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Chick lit
How I got it: Received a copy from author

When New Jersey-based sports radio producer Carla D'Agostino receives a save-the-date for her ten-year high school reunion, she is thrown into a tailspin. She is miserably single, living at home with her old-school Italian-American family, and miles away from her dream job as a sports talk radio host. She voices her discontent to her closest friends, the stunning Andrea, cheerful Katie, and playboy Dante, and they encourage Carla to stand up and fight for the life she wants. Inspired by their words, Carla sets her plans in motion. She enlists the help of a personal trainer, tapes a sports commentary demo with Dante for her unconventional WSPS boss Dan, and gets back into the dating game for the first time since her heart was broken by her first love. But the universe has different ideas for Carla than she has for herself, and she suffers setback after setback: Dan gives the afternoon host position to a Los Angeles import, and, worse yet, offers Dante a gig, which he accepts, much to Carla s hurt and dismay. More determined than ever, Carla continues to throw herself at life with gusto, and a series of surprises, both good and bad, lead her straight into the arms of a love that never really left.

Review: Even though I don't usually read chick lit,  I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis of this book. Yet when I started reading I didn't immediately warm up to Carla, in the beginning I found her whiny and a bit self-centered. I have to admit that Carla irritated me, with her poor me, pity party. Luckily I found the plot and supporting characters fascinating enough to hang in there because boy does she ever redeem herself. I got to watch Carla grow and blossom in this book, which is always wonderful.  It was actually inspiring to see her move toward her goals, even when the universe seemed against her.
Ms Latino did an excellent job creating a real character that I could feel for, be irritated at and empathizes with. I became invested in the plot, wanting Carla to succeed and stand up for herself. I found Ms Latino to be a wonderful writer, her writing style engaging and entertaining. Over all an enjoyable read.

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