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I did the US RoadRunning Haunted House 5k Saturday on the treadmill. Nothing really to tell but I did get a cool glow in the dark medal. I came in 5th out of 133 people, according to the sites board. That makes me feel pretty good, since a few months ago I came in at 19th in the Aztec run.

November Goals:
Start tracking calories using LoseIt! : 7/7 I managed to log everyday this week
One day a week of dedicated strength training: 0/7 whop whop I totally failed at this this week. 
I have set a goal of 4500 step every day, we'll see how this goes.
Here's what I did this week...

10/29/16: ran 3.43 miles in 24:14 mins My Haunted House 5k(4167 steps)
Yoga 5 mins quick cool down stretch
10/30/16: ran 4.25 miles in 31:54 mins (5170 steps)
Yoga runner's cool down 18 mins
10/31/16: Trick or Treating (5321 steps)
11/1/16:  Rest (2150 steps)
11/2/16: 1.96 miles in 14:00 mins (4854 steps)
11/3/16: ran 4.46 miles in 33:30 mins (7607 steps)
11/4/16: Got Groceries (2907 steps as of 6:00 pm)


  1. Great job on tracking your food! It's a hard habit to stick with, but once you do, it becomes a necessary part of your day! Good luck with your November goals.

  2. That haunted house 5k sounds like fun - but it was virtual? Interesting! I am so bad at tracking my food - I know I should, but I'm just lazy and don't...I used to use MyFitnessPal, but maybe I should look into LoseIt...maybe that one is easier to use/more user friendly?

    Hope you have a good week!

    1. Yeah it was a virtual race. Loseit seems more simple than MyFitnessPal it doesn't have all the bells and whistle. Just recording your food and exercise, unless you sign up for premium.


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