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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Weekly Update of 2016

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Holy wow, 2016 is basically over and tomorrow starts 2017. A whole new year! New goals to accomplish or bomb at, hey I'm honest. I decided to start my half- marathon training today instead of the first. What can I say I don't like waiting. I was getting antsy and wanted to get started.

December Goals:
One day a week of dedicated strength training: 1/7 - Did a Tricep Toning video and oh my have my arms been hurting ever since. 

Here's what I did this week...
12/24/16: Slacked
12/25/16: Ran 4.07 miles in 30:11 mins
12/26/16: Upper Body workout : Tricep Toning video 
12/27/16: Ran 4.08 miles in 29:31 mins
12/28/16: Rest
12/29/16: Rest
12/30/16: Got groceries and slacked

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  1. Happy New Year! While I was on vacation I did a lot of walking. But also a lot of eating. It's the holidays... We ending the year on a high note! Haha. Thanks for joining us this year!


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