Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weekly Update

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The training plan has derailed once again this week, between work, kids, and snow. I was lazy, there I admitted it. This week we got dumped on weather wise, by the time I got home I was tired from work, stressed due to weather on top of life in general, and ended up having to help kids with homework (that I didn't even understand). By the time I was done dealing with everything it was just to late. The FIL has been sick and going to bed early, he lives upstairs, so I didn't want to disturb him by jumping on the treadmill at 8pm. I did get caught up yesterday by once again doing two runs back to back.
My trail running days are over, until spring anyway. I took this picture last weekend, before we got another foot of snow dumped on us. C and I walked around and played in the snow a bit last Saturday.

But I have been keeping up with Holiday Workout Challenge- The 12 Days of "Fit-mas". These are just quick 5-15 min workouts. So I guess I wasn't totally lazy.

December Goals:
One day a week of dedicated strength training: 0/7 - I am failing miserably at this goal.
Here's what I did this week...

12/10/16: Mostly slacked but did a short walk and played in the snow with C
12/11/16: ran 4.27 mi in 30:15 mins
12/12/16:  SANTA Workout 
12/12/16:  GIFTS Workout 
12/14/16: COOKIES Workout
12/15/16: RUDOLPH Workout
Shoveled snow and got groceries
(This totally counts as a workout as we now have to carry them down a flight of stairs, because we can't get to the back door due to snow.)
12/16/16: ELVES Workout
Ran 5.13 miles in 37:41 mins
Ran 4.46 miles in 32:57 mins
Grand total  9.59 miles in around 1 hr 10 mins 39 secs
(If my calculations are correct feel free to correct my if I'm wrong.)

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  1. I had to shovel snow on Saturday as well. So then I figured since I was outside and wet, I'd try walking. After two slips and a fall, I decided it was the couch for me!


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