Sunday, January 1, 2017

Beginning Half Marathon Training

I started my training plan yesterday and I've been planning for the last few weeks, I've even asked DK to help. Although his help will probably be blasting Eye of the Tiger while I run. Anyway I've borrowed ideas from here and there, to make my own little planner. I'm using the half marathon training program from the Zombies Run app paired with some strength training and yoga.

I've used sticky notes to denote the days for different workouts, blue is running, pink is strength training and yellow is yoga. I chose sticky notes because I know I'm going to need to move things around once I get started and it's easier to move those than erase stuff. Once I've completed the run or workout, I'm going to write in my time, pace, mileage, or weights etc. You know all that good stuff.
I'll be letting you know how it's going in my weekly updates. So stay tuned for those. Wish me luck!

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