Monday, February 27, 2017

(DIY) No Sew Arm Warmers

The corner where the treadmill is has been cold lately, well until I start running it is then I warm up. I wanted something to keep my arms warm until I got going and then could remove easily. Solution arm warmer, problem to darn expensive for what they are, new solution DIY. 

Now for my magic trick of turning knee high socks into arm warmer, no sewing required. 

What you'll need a pair of knee high socks and scissors. I picked up a couple pairs at our local dollar store for a buck. They actually had some really neat and funky socks. I got this pair, the dotted pair pictured above and a stripped pair. 

Slip the sock over your arm to get an idea of where you want to cut. 

Cut the toe and some of the foot portion off. Where you cut depends on your hand size and how much of your hand you want covered. 

Do the same with the other sock.

So now your socks should look like this. 

Cut the heel out of both socks this is where your thumb will go through.

Tada arm warmer, in less than 5 mins no sewing required. 

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