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Saturday, February 11, 2017

#FitReader Weekly Update

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Thankfully I have finally shaken this cold. Yet I'm actually losing speed. I think it has to do with my new phone, and how it senses motion as I use the step counter on the treadmill.  I've held the phone in my hand and checked, it's not registering all my step. I don't expect it to register every single one, but it's missing like five of the steps right out the gate.  I have no idea what to do about it either, as I've already recalibrated the motion sensor and it worked for like one run. I know I probably sound whiny, but it's frustrating. I know those numbers are wrong, even if my old phone was off, there's no way it was 10 mins off. And even getting over being sick, I couldn't have gone from a 7 min mile to an 15 min mile, could I?

February Goals:
Keep up with Marathon training plan: 3/5 
Strength training once a week: 0/7 this week.
Eat healthier: 7/7 
Hit at least 2000 calories everyday: 2/7
Walking to Mordor: 53.55 /1779 miles

Here's what I did this week...
2/4/17:Ran 2.35 miles in 42:19 mins
2/5/17: Ran 2.29 miles in 29:30 mins
2/6/17: Rest
2/7/17: 14 mins of Yoga
2/8/17: Work
2/9/17: Work
2/10/17: Ran 1.75 miles in 27:02 mins


  1. Hmm no does not sound like your phone is callibrated correctly maybe there is a way to reset it!

    1. I've tried, I'll have to monkey with it some more.

  2. I can see how that would be frustrating. Are you trying to count steps while on the treadmill? Does your TM keep your pace? You can always convert your miles into steps. I think 1 mile is equal to 2500 steps (or something like that). Good luck!

    1. My tracking app counts steps when using the TM as it won't track with GPS. My TM's Pace display is busted, hence why I need the tracking app.

  3. Glad you are feeling better!

    Moving to a new device to monitor your exercise can be frustrating b/c there will always be differences. Do you use something with a GPS to track distance? Steps shouldn't figure into calculating speed of mile in a run. If you are on a treadmill, your speed/mile will be determined when you start the machine, so I'm not sure how you went from a 7 to 15 minute mile?! 7 minute/mile is roughly equal to 8.5 miles/hour and a 15 minute/mile = 4 miles/hour. So what are you setting the treadmill to when you run?

    1. Well the thing is it's the same app just a different phone. When on the treadmill it won't register with the gps because I'm running in place. The app uses your steps to figure out your pace and distance. Like I said above, the pace display is busted on my treadmill and I don't run at one level straight through, but going up and down as needed.

    2. Oh... I get it now, I usually just punch in one level and go from there (not varying my speed). Hmmm... I'll have to think on this more, but it may be worth investing in a step counter or such?! Good luck!

  4. Happy to hear that you're feeling better and getting your marathon training back on!!

  5. I'm glad to you hear you are feeling better. That must be very frustrating about the phone not sensing your steps properly. I've never tried to use a phone app to calculate that (didn't know there was such a thing!). I hope you get it figured out. Thanks for linking, Shandy Jo!

  6. Glad you have kicked the cold to the curb! Sometimes they take longer to take the hint!
    That is weird about your phone. I hope you get if figured out!
    Thanks for joining us Shandy Jo!


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