Saturday, May 20, 2017

#FitReader Weekly Update

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Today is the last day of the Blogilates Challenges, and I think I did pretty good. I took four rest days during the course of the challenge, because my body was like you need to take it easy. Sunday I pushed myself a bit and did a couple extra workouts. I was lucky and had to work in the sewing department which meant I got to sit. Since my body was sore it was a nice reprieve.
Now that I finished these challenges I need to find something new.

Challenge: FMSM 30 Day Challenge (completed)

30 Days Sleek Arms (Day 30/30)
30 Days Flat Abs (Day 30/30)
30 Day Butt Lift (Day 30/ 30)

Walking to Mordor: 96.32 /1779 miles

Here's what I did this week... 
5/14/17: Day 26 Blogilates Challenges
Sleek Arms 9min video
Tone it Up KickBoxing video 11 mins
18 mins of Yoga
5/15/17: Rest
5/16/17: Day 27 Blogilates Challenges
5/17/17: Day 28 Blogilates Challenges
5/18/17: Rest / Cheat
5/19/17: Day 29 Blogilates Challenges
5/20/17: Day 30 Blogilates Challenges

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  1. Great Job finishing the challenge!! I look forward to what you do next!


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