Thursday, May 25, 2017

{Review} FatSecret

I've been using FatSecret to track my calories and fitness on and off for  several years. I've used their apps for the Kindle and phone (Android version) as well.
The whole thing is easy to use, very basic and works great for tracking calories. I like how it has a calendar view so I can see how I've done intake vs. outtake calories at a glance. There is also a list-view which give info on fat, protein, and carbs, as well as calories. There are a wide variety of exercises listed and if you can't find what you're looking for you can add it. Same goes for the food, the site has a huge list and will auto-suggest things as you type, which is helpful if you're not one-hundred percent sure of a brand or name. Down side was I couldn't get the apps bar code reader to work, when putting in food. I loved that you can add your own recipes, and share them with other members or just plug in stuff to see how many calories a hypothetical recipe might have. You can create meals, if you tend to eat the same stuff everyday and it keeps a record of things you've recently eaten so it's easy to update your food diary. Same goes for exercise, and if you do the same exercises often or have a certain schedule you can set up your exercise diary to plug those workouts in automatically. I also like that you can plan your meals out up to a month.
The site offers tons of help from recipes and diets, to exercise tips and challenges. The best thing I think about the site is the sense of community that is offered. The folks on the site are wonderful and offer support when your feeling low or just a little motivation when your not really feeling it.
In my opinion FatSecret is a wonderful tool for anyone trying to lose weight or gain weight as the situation is with me. Unlike other sites where I've felt like the odd man out for wanting to gain, FatSecret is accepting and supportive.
This is a great site and super helpful, I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to keep track of calories and looking for support in weight loss or getting fit.

Disclaimer: FatSecret logo is trademarked by the site. I have no affiliation with the company and this review is based on my personal experience using the site and apps.

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