Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Salad In a Jar

I found these on Pintrest and loved the idea. For my salads I was using the square containers, which took up most the room in the bag. This idea takes up less space and keeps my salad from getting soggy.

Most the places I looked at called for a 8qt mason jar, which I thought was a bit much for lunch. I used an old salsa jar. In the very bottom put your salad dressing for this one I used light ranch and maybe possibly added way to much. For the salad portion I made something of a cobb salad. The second layer is crunchy stuff, I added carrots and celery. Third layer is the protein, which for this salad was chicken and eggs. Last and top layer is your greens, I used a kale and baby spinach mix. 

At lunch I just shake the jar and voila it's ready to eat. If I had a few more jars I could prepare my lunches for a full week or just so we had some on hand for a quick meal.

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