Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Work out must haves

So when I got the idea from Aaptiv about coming up with my fitness favorites I thought, heck that'd be easy sure why not?Well come to find out I have different must haves for different types of workouts. Which means I'm going to break this down into sections.

Things I have for all workouts...

Hair tie and/or headband, I can't stand to have my hair in my face.

Water bottle this is just a no brainer to stay hydrated.

My phone, bluetooth headphones, and upbeat music. I'm one of those people who has to have music to really get into my workout. A good playlist with upbeat music is a must for me. I have several playlists on Spotify for this reason but my faves are my Running Pop  and Heavy Lifting, as you can probably tell these are what I use when running and lifting. The Aaptiv app I've discover that no matter if I'm running, strength training or yoga this is a great little app to have as they have workouts for whatever I'm in the mood for.

Caffeine! Yup I usually have some form of caffeine about 15 to 30 mins before my workout. No matter if it's from a pre-workout, a cup of joe, or green tea I like to have that little extra kick to help me through.

Things I have when I run...

On top of what I said above when running I have to add to that my Nike Revolutions 2 and 3. When running outside I wear my old beat up Revolution 2 and when I'm on the treadmill I wear my newish 3's.

I also have to have my Zombies Run app. Folks who frequent this blog have heard me sing the praises of this app over and over.

Thing I have when lifting...

My weight gloves, I have to protect my hands from the bar. Before I got these my hands calloused, where the bar rubbed, and then would snag the material at work which is a no-no.

My workout journal, I keep how much weight and how many reps recorded in here and use it to keep track of which exercises work best.

There you have it what I have with me when I workout. What do you have to have when you workout?

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