Saturday, June 10, 2017

#FitReader Weekly Update

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So there were a few stumbles this week. I broke my run streak after day 5, and missed a few Blogilate days. But I have been eating better and didn't give into a candy craving I had. Yet DK's birthday was Tuesday so I counted that as my cheat day. Cake and Chinese food. I want to get back on track but I'm not sure this is working. Although I have to admit that the instagram account has been keeping me going.

My goals for June are to keep up with the Bloilates cal and #streakingwiththecoolkids challenge.
Do this... 

Blogilates 6wk Body Toning BootCamp
#Streakingwiththecoolkids 1 mile everyday in June 
Walking to Mordor: 115.55 /1779 miles

Follow the progress on my challenges here -> sjstayingaccountable
Here's what I did this week... 
6/3/17:  Ran 1.09 miles in 10:20 mins
Blogilates Day 3
6/4/17: Ran 1.37 miles in 13:39 mins
Blogilates Day 4
6/5/17: Ran 1.01 in 9:19
6/6/17: Didn't get to workout
6/7/17: Didn't get to workout
6/8/17: Ran 1.02 miles in 9:45 mins
6/9/17: Spent a half hour playing with C and ran 1.32 miles


  1. Some weeks are definitely more challenging than others. :( Sorry you had one of those this week.

  2. Hey... you are doing great! You are keeping yourself accountable and that is a HUGE step. I have been struggling this June as well, so we will just have to help each other out!


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