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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review Tied Up, Tied Down by Lorelei James

Tied Up, Tied Down (Rough Riders)Tied Up, Tied Down by Lorelei James
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Fiction Adult: Red Hots!, Western Romance
The strongest bonds are the ones unseen
Rough Riders series
Businesswoman Skylar Ellison is firmly in control of her life. So getting tangled up with a sexy Wyoming cowboy—and conceiving a baby in the parking lot of a honky-tonk—wasn’t in her plan. Since it appears the daddy has taken off for greener pastures, the only thing to do is pull up her bootstraps and carry on alone.
Cattle rancher Kade McKay returns home after a year on the range, and is knocked for a loop when he learns he’s the father of a three-month-old baby girl. When Skylar refuses to marry him, Kade grits his teeth, moves in and plays house by her rules to prove he’s a man in for the long haul.
Despite Skylar’s insistence they are to remain strictly parenting partners, their old passions flare hot as a brush fire, spurring Kade to demand absolute sexual surrender from the headstrong woman. Skylar willingly submits her body to the hot-blooded cowboy but she’s leery of handing Kade the reins to her heart.
Can Kade convince Skylar the wicked sex games aren’t a temporary distraction? Or will he have to bust out the ropes to show her he wants to be tied to her…forever?
Warning: this book contains: no holes barred kinky sex scenes, wicked rope play, blunt language, and yowza! lots of hot cowboy nekkidness.
Review-I have a thing for cowboys, don’t know why but I do. So don’t be surprised to find a lot of Western reviews here. With that said Tied Up Tied Down is not a book I’d normally buy yup it’s got hot cowboy action, but it’s also got the whole surprise baby thing which I don’t normally do. Yet I decided to give this a shot and I’m so glad I did. I now have a new favorite author in Ms James. Tied Up Tied Down is not your normal “surprise baby” book, definitely not your Harlequin romance. This is hot and spicy, with intense sexual tension and awesome sex scenes set to make you need ice in winter. I’ve fallen in love with not just Kade McKay but the entire McKay family and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the Rough Riders Series.

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