Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Firecracker by Lorelei James

Miss Firecracker: Wild West Boys, Book 2Miss Firecracker by Lorelei James
Wild West Boys, Book 2

Genre: Fiction Adult: Contemporary, Western Romance

She’s the match, he’s the fuse…an explosive combination

One year ago Willow Gregory entered the Miss Firecracker contest on a dare—and ended up with the crown. As a working carpenter, she’s not exactly the tears-and-tiara type, and after a year of walking the straight and narrow she’s ready to cut loose.
Waking up in a sexy stranger’s bed with no memory of the havoc she wreaked the night before wasn’t quite what she had in mind. Nor was agreeing to his mandate—work for him at the tavern until she repays the damage. Or go to jail.
Blake West thinks he could possibly be the only man alive who could say no to a drunken, horny, naked beauty queen. There’s something about the former Miss Firecracker that makes him want to blow his Mr. Nice Guy persona all to hell.
It helps that Willow is ready to dive headfirst into a no-heartstrings-attached affair. Which fits in perfectly with Blake’s temporary gig managing his friend’s bar.
Every grinding kiss, every stolen touch leads to another…until a harmless little white lie becomes the detonator that could explode their chances at a happily ever after.
Warning: this light-hearted beach read features a hero hotter than the 4th of July and a feisty heroine who knows exactly how to pop his top.

My Review: This is another book in the McKay / West line up by Ms. James. Ms. James has written another winner, as far as I’m concerned. With her talent for hot scenes and intriguing plots. She weaves a wonderful story. I love her characters, Blake West has been displaced by recent events in his life and is now just trying to find where he belongs. I enjoyed Blake’s good guy/ boy scout persona, but I felt he was oh so much better when he let loose. Willow Gregory is hot tempered, petite, and good with her hands inside the bedroom and out. I found their interaction highly entertaining, especially when they woke up. Although my favorite character in this book was Big Kenny Gregory, Willows father. He was not what I expected at all, which made it so much sweeter when he was introduced. Personally I feel Ms James has provided another wonderful book and I look forward to reading the next one on my list.


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