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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Review} Moonlight Rises by Vincent Zandri

Moonlight Rises
by Vincent Zandri
Publisher: StoneGate Ink
Released: August 2011
Genre: Fiction- Adult- Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

“Life sucks. Then you die. Or, if you’re Dick Moonlight, first you die and then you live.”

Dick Moonlight is dead.

Really dead this time, now that three President Obama-masked thugs dressed all in black and communicating only with hand-held voice synthesizers pressed up against their voice boxes have beat the life right out of him inside a dark, downtown Albany alley. What are the thugs after? A box. Size, weight, description unknown. They also want him to stay away from his newest and only client: a handicapped nuclear engineer of dubious Russian heritage by the same of Peter Czech.

But then, now that they’ve killed him, Moonlight’s problems seem to be over. In fact, as he undergoes an out of body experience, his soul floating above his train-wreck of a corpse inside the Albany Medical Center I.C.U., he feels pretty damned good. Great in fact. To make death all the more sweeter, his one true love, Lola, is standing by his bedside. With her long dark hair draping her chiseled face and big round Jackie O sunglasses hiding tear-filled eyes, she appears every bit the grieving sig other. Nothing could make the dead-and-gone Moonlight prouder.

But then something happens. Something bad. A man enters into the I.C.U. Some young guy. He takes hold of Lola’s hand, and pulls her into him. Together, the two share a loving embrace over Moonlight’s dead body. Now, what seemed like a peaceful death is anything but. Moonlight wants back inside his body so he can face-off Some Young Guy and find out if his true love has in fact been cheating on him. At the same time, he wants to find out the true identity of those thugs who killed him so he can exact his revenge. No doubt about it, Moonlight needs to live if he’s going to uncover some pretty painful answers and take care of business.

Like a little kid dropping down a playground slide, Moonlight slides right back inside his bruised and broken body. Opening his eyes the white light blinds him. He feels the pain of his wounds and the pain of his breaking heart.

Life sucks, then you die.
But Moonlight rises.

Reviews: This starts off right in the middle of everything and keeps going like an out of control snowball.
Richard "Dick" Moonlight is a bar owner and on/off PI. He takes a case that gets him in over his head. I mean really over his head, the book starts with a out of body experience for goodness sake. I actually found it a little confusing in parts and had to read just to figure out what was going on. But that wasn't an issue since I was happy to keep reading since the plot was interesting and intriguing. I really like Georgie he's a secondary character, but I found him funny and a good compliment to Moonlight. Richard had his moment as well, even with a bullet shard in his cranium, he was a good PI and could figure things out. His penchant for reviving became a little tiresome, but was also interesting.
The story move along fast,but it works for the story so nothing is lost by the speed of it. Mr Zandri did a great job keeping me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next, I enjoyed this story.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Partners in Crime book tours via the author.

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