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Friday, November 4, 2011

Legacy:The Niteclif Evolutions: Nurture Book Tour

Interview With a Dragon Shifter

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Bahlin Drago, member of the Blue Dragon weyr. Bahlin has agreed to join us and answer a few questions regarding life as a modern-day dragon. Welcome Bahlin!

B: (winks) Thanks, love. Glad to be here.

So tell me, what was it like to see your story told throughout Legacy and, later, Wrath and Vengeance?

B: (settles back in chair and settles arm across the back) Frankly? It’s a bit odd to see your life played out on the pages of a book for others to have a peek into. But it’s a fair representation of what went down, even if I don’t like all of it.

What parts didn’t you like?

B: (mouth thins a bit) There’s a whole variety of things I’d change, not the least of which is that damnable prophecy. It’s an irritating piece of work, that. If I could change a single thing about my own history, the prophecy would be properly kicked to the curb.

Fair enough. I know it’s been a real trial for you. So tell me, what’s it like to work with Maddy?

B: (grins and leans back again, clearly more relaxed) She’s a right challenge at times, but I do lo…adore her. She’s quick witted, and a charmer when she needs to be. Her biggest challenge is she’s got a great deal to learn about what it means to be the Niteclif. Dealing with the dead bodies has been an experience.

I’m at a bit of an advantage because I know you very well, but the readers don’t know as much about you. Care to give the women in particular a little insight?

B: (runs his hands through his hair and his blue eyes seem larger) Sure. I’m one of three kids—my ma couldn’t stand more than the three of us. My little brother’s shown some great promise in the weyr’s version of cage fighting, but I’m thinking ma will have him stop after…

(Bahlin shakes his head and scrubs his face with his hands, clearly starting this part of the conversation over.) Let me see. I’m not quite sure what to say. I’m a Capricorn, if you buy into the business of the stars, and I’m not sure I do. I love to eat, but can’t stand brussel sprouts or any type of fish. I enjoy some travel but am a truer homebody than not, and for some odd reason I feel like I should end this with ‘and I like small children and walks along the beach,’ but it would be a lie. (He chuckles.)

Anything you’d want the world to know about you before we sign off?

B: (leans forward and rests his forearms on his knees, making intense direct eye contact) One thing—don’t be thinking this story’s over because the prophecy’s been issued. Far from it, lass. Far from it.

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  1. Loved hearing from the dragon shifter! Great interview!!


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