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Monday, April 2, 2012

{Review} Curbchek by Zach Fortier

by Zach Fortier
Released: August 20th 2011
Genre: Fiction- Adult: crime
How I got it: Sent to me by the author

Curbchek Is a book about fictionalized police cases handled by Zach Fortier. It is set in the inner city and covers Zachs career from start to finish. Detailing his transition from a "green"" rookie out to help the public and make a difference, to jaded veteran. No longer wanting to assist the helpless public instead just trying to survive the night and go home. It is law and order uncensored.

Review: Curbchek ran the gamete of emotions for me. While some stories had a feel good vibe others we're the evil of human elements. The entire book was enthralling, and pulled me. Each story had it's own interesting twist. Some of these stories seemed real, others not so much. I really liked the format of each chapter telling a tale, each giving a look at the different views from an officer. I think Mr Fortier did a really good job with this book. It pulls you into a dark gritty world of gangs, killings, and even some surprise happy endings.
Although I would like to mention while I enjoyed most of this book, I didn't care for the police sense of humor which was crude at times. Also after a while it seemed as if the main character was only telling stories which put him in a good light or where he captured the perp. Showing how others weren't as good, or how he took pleasure at forcing those who he didn't like having to ask him for help. Granted he did have other qualities that I liked, for example he got to know the people on the street, and helped those who wouldn't help themselves. But at times he was super cocky.
Over all I did like the book and if your into cop dramas then give this book a shot.

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