Friday, May 25, 2012

{Review} Raven's Quest - a Novella By Toni LoTempio

Raven's Quest - a Novella
By Toni LoTempio
Publisher: Self- Smashwords
Released Jan. 09, 2012
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Suspense, Urban Fantasy
How I got it: received a copy from the author via CBLS

Raven Malone and Finn McPhee are back - this time they must travel to parallel time in order to stop a demonic killer.

Review:  This was a very quick read. Lots of action, fast paced story line. I didn't get a real feel for the characters, due to the bam, bam, bam fastness of the book. At times it seemed a bit overwhelming, there was just so much story for such a short book. This looks like it's a side story that goes with a series, having not read the first book there were times I felt a bit lost.
I liked the idea behind the story and found it interesting. The world building was very creative. Although the twists would have been better if drawn out more, yet still worked. I found it slightly annoying how everything just fell into place for them. I didn't get the whole parallel universe thing. That topped with all the magic and shape shifting was just over whelming in this little package.
I feel that if this had been a full length book with the story line stretched out and more information given, it would have been a better book. It's a decent story as is but I would suggest reading book 1 to get a feel for the world and the characters before getting this one.


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