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Friday, June 8, 2012

{Review} 77 Days in September by Ray Gorham

77 Days in September
by Ray Gorham
Publisher: Self
Released: May 25th 2011
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
How I got it: Received a copy from the author 

On a Friday afternoon before Labor Day, Americans are getting ready for the holiday weekend, completely unaware of a long-planned terrorist plot about to be launched against the country. Kyle Tait is settling in for his return flight home when a single nuclear bomb is detonated 300 miles above the heart of America. The blast, an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), destroys every electrical device in the country, and results in the crippling of the power grid, the shutting down of modern communications, and bringing to a halt most forms of transportation.
Kyle narrowly escapes when his airplane crashes on take-off, only to find himself stranded 2,000 miles from home in a country that has been forced, from a technological standpoint, back to the 19th Century. Confused, hurt, scared, and alone, Kyle must make his way across a hostile continent to a family he’s not even sure has survived the effects of the attack. As Kyle forges his way home, his frightened family faces their own struggles for survival in a community trying to halt its own slow spiral into chaos and anarchy.
Based on scientist’s predictions of what would happen if a single nuclear bomb is detonated over Kansas, 77 Days in September follows Kyle and his wife, Jennifer, as they are stretched past their breaking point, but find in their devotion to each other the strength to persevere.

Review: The biggest thing that got me about this book was it could happen. That thought kept filtering through my mind as I read 77 Days in September. I had to wonder would my family survive something like that. I even fell asleep reading this one night and had a nightmare about it. Although that probably wasn't the authors intention.
As you can probably tell it was very enthralling, as I got farther into the book the harder it became to put it down. Mr Gorham shows all the aspects of human behavior. From the kindness of strangers to those that prey on anyone they perceive to be weaker than themselves.  Kyle's love and dedication for his wife and family is inspiring. I had to keep reading to find out if he would make it and if Jennifer, his wife, plus his kids would survive. Just adapting to the world without electricity was a story in itself, add to that Kyle's journey from Texas to Montana on foot. Which was emotionally and physically draining for him, as well as highly dangerous.
Jennifer must face raising three kids without the luxuries of electricity, running water and phones. Most of all the security of knowing where her husband is and if he's ok. Seeing their community come together as well as what people do when faced with just surviving was interesting. I feel Mr Gorham did a really good job making this book realistic. The characters could have been your neighbor or any regular old Joe you meet on the street. Everything worked together to make this a very good and interesting book.

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  1. Oh, an apocalypse book that could actually happen. I gotta check into this one. I know from person experience that living without electricity for 6 weeks was the longest 6 weeks of my life. I couldn't imagine trying to go at it with kidlets.

    Great review, cruising over to goodreads now.


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