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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Tour: The Perses Effect Guest Post By R.E. Robinson Jr

I’ve really never been a big reader throughout my life. Sounds kind of silly for thinking about it for someone who generally reads a book a year or so to try and write my own novel. I’m not really sure if other authors do more reading or do they focus all their attention on writing. I do know for sure that when I put forth the effort to write I enjoy every minute.

While working at my miserable job before getting laid off I did listen to audio books to and from work. Listening to them always sparked my imagination and was a nice distraction from the near hour-long drive.

While laying down my outline I had a few other things I wanted to include. I talked about super powered heroes but comic books had more to offer than a bunch of heroes running around in spandex fighting crime. Some of the heroes didn’t have super powers and that is something I wanted to address.

Not everyone would be changed or given super powers. Some would even be changed into other races. Taking inspiration from the fantasy genre I added characters that were Elven and Orcish. Seemed like a good fit considering Thor and Ironman are both on the Avengers. I also wanted to draw from the fantasy realm for monsters.

Now my outline was looking good. With ideas from friends I felt like I was throwing in everything but the kitchen sink on my story. I stood firm on my conviction of leaving vampires, zombies and werewolves out. I know there are readers that would disagree with me but I feel like there are enough novels covering those stories.

With so many novels covering vampires, zombies and werewolves I felt my novel would get lost in that sea. I wanted to write what will hopefully stand out in the fantasy and sci-fi market. I want to stand out to sell books.

I’m not going to lie; my main reason for writing is that this is what I want to do for a living. Don’t misunderstand me, I do love writing but I have to maintain a day job for the moment until my fan base picks up a few thousand members.

So my novels will come at a much slower pace due to time constraints on writing. I’m not going to rush through the next novel just to put as much on the market as I can. I do want to write quality novels but I can’t focus as much attention as I want to writing. Just because I want to make this my career I’m not going to skimp on the quality to make a buck. I’m putting forth effort to make it worth reading.

The Perses Effect
By R.E. Robinson Jr


The world has been changed forever. Death and mutation have swept across the planet leaving some of the survivors altered into non-human races and gaining powers that would take time to comprehend. Always thinking ahead Evan Root invited family and friends to live on his farm shortly before the comet that started it all was destroyed.

As the remaining population rebuilds Evan Root and his wife Jordan are producing bio-fuel to use and trade. On a routine trip to the market murmurs of disappearing town’s people span the crowd. While at the market Evan’s group is ambushed and when he finally makes it back to the farm he finds out his wife has been abducted. Evan feels her abduction has everything to do with her power.

Hoping it will lead him to his wife Evan and his companions must discover who or what is behind the disappearances while defending themselves at every turn.

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  1. Best of luck writing your book/s! I know it all takes time- and it is hard when other work needs to be done to pay the bills. Audio books are awesome if they are read by someone who does a good job! I love Harry Potter on audio.

    The Perses Effect sounds fascinating. Can't wait to read it!


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