Friday, August 31, 2012

{Review} Mad World: Epidemic by Samaire Provost

Mad World: Epidemic
by Samaire Provost
Publisher: Self
Released: July 28th 2012
Genre: Fiction- YA: Horror, Zombie
How I got it: Sent a copy by author via Bewitching Book Tours

The Black Plague is ancient history. It killed 100 million people nearly seven centuries ago, halfway around the world from the technologically advanced research center at Stanford University. Scientists there have recently begun examining samples of bone marrow from plague-infected corpses unearthed in Europe. All the necessary safeguards are in place. What could go wrong? Alyssa and Jake are away with their class on a highly anticipated year-end trip to Broadway with their senior acting class when all hell breaks loose at home. Traveling back, and trying to find their families, they encounter deadly results. Riots are breaking out. People are being evacuated. And they have no idea what's happening to their families. Horrific ordeals, heart-pounding tragedy, and chance encounters harden them for what lies ahead. Faced with tormenting decisions, they're forced to follow their instinct for survival at any cost - even when the cost is a heart-wrenching decision of life or death. A harrowing adventure of frightening discoveries, horrifying confrontations and narrow escapes in Epidemic, the first installment of the Mad World series. Find out what's got everyone so terrified.

 Review: Unbelievably good. From the start I was hooked the beginning yanks you in.
Alyssa and her friends, as well as their teacher are in New York on a field trip when an infection hits their home in Northern California. Unsure what's happening and worried about their families they embark on a journey a crossed the country. Only when they got home they find an empty town and infected people heck bent on eating them.
This was very classic zombie, with shambling dead folk eating all those not like themselves. Alyssa was realistic and likable main character. The group of secondary characters changed throughout the book. I was constantly on my toes wondering when they would be attacked again. My only problem with the book was the inconsistencies. For example at one point they leave their weapons in the van only to have them a few pages later. Other than a few incidents like that, it was super good and I had a hard time putting it down.


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