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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year & Update

So it'll be a New Year in a few days and I totally not ready for it.... Since about mid November my life has been chaotic and crazy and I've been shirking my responsibilities. Not just on here either, around the house, etsy, everything. Ugh, and lets not even go near my exercise schedule, that just went right out the window. I spent Christmas day eating cookies and candy. Surprisingly I did get some reading done, but reviews not so much. I received a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas which means all my ebooks are finally on one device. Yay!!! Hopefully this means I'll get more done. Probably not since I bounce around like a rubber ball when it comes to reading books.
I'm going to get my current Currently-Reading list done, and then move on to the new review books I've received. There are a bunch going into 2013 although I've made a promise to myself... a resolution if you will, that I will get through at least half my to-read list before taking on anymore review books. This will be a test of resolve on my part. I have to put myself on a book buying ban, which sucks since I also got several Amazon gift cards... what a tease.  My new mantra is "I will not buy the book...I will not buy the book..."
No worries though, I have at least four book reviews coming up in the next few weeks and I plan on booking lots of authors for promos, guest post and what not. Maybe even some more contests. Any way hope all of you had a great Holiday Season and are looking forward to a Wonderful and productive New Year.

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