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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Stone Guardian by Theresa McClinton

The Stone Guardian
Theresa McClinton

Tagline: When myth becomes reality, reality becomes a nightmare.

Genre: young adult paranormal romance


Like any other teenager in America, Ashley just wants a normal life. But growing up in an orphanage for the insane is anything but normal. After endless therapy and increasing medication, her nightmares have only gotten worse.

Probably because they’re not nightmares.

When Ashley’s mysteriously abducted, she finds a reality even less normal than the orphanage. And she discovers something else—she’s no ordinary orphan. Faced with enemies thought to only exist in fairy tales, Ashley discovers she possesses a powerful Maya bloodline. She’s the daughter of an ancient Maya Guardian, whose duty is to protect the Stone of Muuk’ich, an enchanted relic blessed by the gods. But first she must get it back from Sarian, a power-hungry demigod who slaughtered the last guardian—Ashley’s mother. Without the stone, all will be lost.

When she meets Arwan, a hot Belizean time bender, his delicious olive skin and dark eyes make her feel a little less alone. But his gentle whispers and reassuring touch might not be all they seem. How can she balance love and duty when it’s up to her to prevent the rising of the underworld? Especially when the guy she loves might be its crown prince…

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  1. Hello! I'm sorry I haven't had time to stop in today until now. You know how it is with little ones. Lots of unexpected stuff every day! lol. But thanks so much for having me on your blog! Looking forward to reader's comments and hanging out! :D

  2. I totally understand how it is with little ones. :) You're very welcome.


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