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Monday, March 25, 2013

{Book Review} Heart of Ice by P.J. Parrish

Heart of Ice
by P.J. Parrish
Publisher:Pocket Books
Released:February 26th 2013
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Thriller, suspense
How I got it: Received a copy from publisher

Detective Louis Kincaid cracks a murder case frozen in time in this new work of “crime fiction at its finest” (Lee Child) from bestselling author P. J. Parrish. Florida PI Louis Kincaid wants to wear a badge again. But before he can, he must return home to Michigan— and some unfinished business. He hopes to bond with ten-year-old Lily, the daughter he only recently learned existed, and reunite with girlfriend Joe Frye. But new clues to an unsolved murder put his plans on ice. A trip with Lily to enchanting Mackinac Island turns grim when the child falls on a pile of old bones; the dangerous discovery reopens the cold case of Julie Chapman, a teenager from one of the wealthy summer families, who vanished two decades ago. And when Louis is forced to cooperate with a tough state investigator who once worked with Joe, tensions skyrocket. Now, what was supposed to be a time of building lasting ties splinters into disturbing fragments, personally and professionally, as Louis pursues a mystery entangled in dark family secrets and twists even he can’t predict.

Review:  This started off good, I liked revisiting Lily and seeing Louis outside his element. The plot was decent, trying to uncover a twenty year old death. It was interesting reading along as all the dirty secrets that came tumbling out of this tiny islands closets. To be honest that was part of the reason I kept reading, was to see what sort of things would come out in the investigation.
Personally I didn't care about Joe and Louis reconnecting, because I wasn't that found of Joe. A big thing that bugged me was earlier in the series Joe was taking care of a little girl from South of Hell in the last two books, there has been no mention of her at all. I know this is nit picky but the fact that the whole thing was just dropped irked me. I let it slide with the last book since Joe wasn't in it, but they were at Joe's house for goodness sake. Ok now that I have that out of my system.
I was with the plot right up to the end. Putting all the pieces together to figure out what happened, it always fun for me. Although there was a lot of extra information, kind of reminded me of my daughters math homework. Anyway the ending left me hanging, there was no closure with all the extra stuff that got dredged up. I guess I should be happy the murder was solved but I wanted to know what happened to the killer, etc. So I wasn't a happy camper when the book ended.

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