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{Book Review} The Little Death (Louis Kincaid, #10) by P.J. Parrish

The Little Death (Louis Kincaid, #10)
by P.J. Parrish
Publisher: Pocket Books
Released: February 16th 2010
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
How I got it: Received a copy from the publisher

When the headless corpse of a young man is discovered in glamorous Palm Beach, Louis sets his sights on his most likely suspect—a prominent female U.S. Senator with a history of scandal and a known penchant for sadistic and dangerous sex. Then a second headless body turns up and the trail runs cold, allowing the real killer to slip in dangerously close, intent on making Louis’s best friend the next victim. Beautifully written yet packed with raw power, The Little Death is a suspenseful thriller of the highest order and will satisfy fans of writers such as Ed McBain, James Patterson, and Michael Connolly.

Review:I enjoyed this book much more than South of Hell.
Louis and Mel go to Palm Beach in order to help an old friend of Mel's who's been wrongly accused of murder. Louis is completely out of his element among the hoity toity rich. In this world those who have the money make the laws, or at least control the police. The cops are happy to pass off the murder to the, next county. As Mel and Louis dig into the residents, they realise that while squeaky clean on the surface the island has it's share of skeletons.
I have to wonder if it's a habit of Mr Kincaid's to leave behind jobless cops every where he goes, as in the last two books the officers who work with him find themselves fired. Which sadden me, since I liked Detective Swann who once he realized his office was more interested in appearances than solving crime he did the right thing. I still can't say I like Louis, he is one of those characters that I start to like then he does something to irk me. Yet he does get things done, and in the end figures out what's what. I have to say the whole section where he had his little indiscretion really irked me and was totally un-needed, it did nothing to forward the plot. It just made me frustrated with Louis and then feel bad for him later in the book. The whodunit was a surprise, which was nice, I totally thought it was someone else. The plot was engaging, and wading through clues is always fun. While I enjoyed the book, I'm still on the fence about the characters.

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