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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{Book Review} Wonderland Volume 2 (Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland) by Raven Gregory, Sheldon Goh (Illustrations)

Wonderland Volume 2 (Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland)
by Raven Gregory, Sheldon Goh (Illustrations)
Publisher: "Zenescope"
Release: May 21st 2013
Genre: Fiction- Teen/ Adult: Graphic Novel
How I got it: NetGalley

After defeating the malevolent spirit of her long-dead brother and escaping the terror of a town possessed by the insanity of the Mad Hatter, Calie and her daughter, Violet, disappear into the city of Los Angeles hoping to evade Wonderland's ever-extending reach. But the duo is fast to learn that no matter where they run, or where they hide, Wonderland will find them! From the writers and creators who brought you Zenescope's original Wonderland trilogy comes the continuation of the adventure in a world of madness like you've never seen before. Volume 2 collects issues #6-10 of the Wonderland series.

Review: I stumbled over the Wonderland graphic novels a while ago and had wanted to read them for awhile, but when ever I was buying books I always forgot.

Anyway when I saw this up for grabs on Netgalley, I couldn't resist. Even though it was Volume 2 and I hadn't read any of the books before #6 I said screw it. Now I want to get the rest so I know what the heck was going on.

Back to this one- AWESOME! I loved the artwork. It was like Alice in Wonderland meets Heavy Metal.
The story travels from Calie in Los Angles to the Red Queen in Wonderland and back. It also follows Calie's daughter Violet as she deals with Wonderland imposing itself on her. There are so many twists and turns, I was pretty sure I was on a roll-a-coster. The story moved from one thing to the next, seamlessly. Dragging me along. I finished the whole one hundred and some thing pages in an hour.

Action packed with chicks in chain bikinis and bizarre outfits, oh and lets not forget the skin tight dresses. Let's face it this is drawn for the guys, everybody's got a kickin' bod and a chest that would make Dolly Parton swoon. I mean seriously those chicks will get black eyes if they run. I'm curious about several things that happen in the issues after 10 so I guess I'll be picking those up as well as #1-5. Guess I know what to add to my wish list for my B-day.

There is also a sneak peek at the Madness of Wonderland which I liked the story but the artwork not so much. Every one had a potato nose.

Anyway I really liked Wonderland and look forward to getting my own copies.

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