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Friday, May 24, 2013

No hiking and my foot hurts.

Things have been very uneventful around here lately, last weekend we were sick so no hiking. This week has been either sweltering hot or pouring rain with thunder and lighting. We were planning to go out this weekend if the weather changes from rain, but then we realized it was Memorial Day weekend so that put a monkey wrench in the plan since it will be super busy. Looking on the bright side all the rain is doing wonders for my plants. The herbs are doing great, I've got flowers coming up. In the veggie planter I've got beans, cucumbers (the ones not killed by the cold snap), carrots and watermelon.
Yesterday we took the worm farm, (surprisingly still alive after the heat we've been having) I put half in my garden to help compost the grass and half in a old plastic planter with dirt and grass so they had something bigger. My son is obsessed with them, he digs though the planter until he finds one then carries it around tormenting his sister. Typical boy. My hubby says the little man is a bug whisper. He'll find bugs and let them crawl on his arms or puts them in his Power Wheel Jeep and drives them around. He's still working on driving, he ran over my foot the day before yesterday and its cut up and tender, not exactly brusied but it hurts to put shoes on. Good thing I don't like shoes. Although this has it's own problems, same foot has a splinter in the bottom, I can't get out. Which means I'm going to have to suck it up and let hubby cut it out. I haven't gotten up the nerve to ask him yet. And on that note I'm going to do some writing.

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