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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I wants it...

I knew it would be a tease when I saw it. I told myself don't do it, it'll just get you excited then stop. But I couldn't resist. That hypnotic cover, the promise of just a little more... So I do'd it. Yes I requested Unhinged Chapter Sampler from Netgalley. I'm so weak... But look at this cover and tell me you wouldn't, especially those of you who've read Splintered.

Isn't it cool! After reading chapter one, I'm hooked. If I could pre-order this now I would. Instead I will be pre-ordering as a Christmas present in Dec since it's slated to come out in Jan 2014. Splintered is one of my favorites for 2013, it is hands down the best Alice in Wonderland adaptation I've read. I'm an Alice Junkie so I've read a lot of re-tellings and revamps of the story. The dark and twisted world Ms Howard created based on Mr Carroll's world is just amazing. I have to admit my review doesn't do it justice.
I was swept into Alyssa's Wonderland, when reading Splintered I didn't want it to end. I was overjoyed when I discovered there would be a sequel. I think Ms Howard is an author to keep an eye on, she has talent. Reading the sampler of Unhinged just reenforced my opinion and added to my anticipation.

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