Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bathroom Scale vs Wii Fit

Little dishearten, I've been using the Wii fit to weigh myself since I didn't have a scale. I wanted a harder workout than what the Fit was giving me, so I started using a site call Fitness Balance (more on that in another post) which means I haven't been using the Fit as much, mostly just aerobic now and then. So every time I want to weigh myself I have to drag it out, which is sometimes a pain. We were up to K-mart the other day and I finally remember to buy an actual bathroom scale. I get it home calibrated it, and it says I'm 140lb... exsqueeze me! That's an 8lb difference from the Wii Fit. Ugh!
I decide to try a bunch of different things, weighing myself  with the Fit then in the same place the scale. Nope. Trying to find a level spot in the house, yeah right! Old trailers don't have level floors folks. Frustrated I go to my old friend Google to see if anyone else had this problem. Guess what it's pretty common, I found a bunch of people asking about it. Seems there can be an 8 - 10 lb difference between some scales and the Wii Fit. Some people blame the Fit, some the scales. But no way to fix it or recommendation on what to do about it. Sigh! So I'm going to start using both and see if when my weigh drops on the Fit if the scale in the bathroom drops too. But with my luck I got a busted scale, guess I should've wasted the extra twenty bucks and got the fancy one.

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