Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{Review} Fitness Blender

I found Fitness Blender when I was looking on YouTube for a low impact workout after the day I did the canoe/ hike and was hurting the next morning. Picking one of Fitness Blender's workouts wasn't the best idea as their idea of low impact and mine weren't the same. But I discovered a wealth of more challenging workouts. I've been using Fitness Blender for several weeks now, and I love the flexibility it gives me. I can use the video's to create my own workout regiments depending on how I feel and how hard I want to workout. Let me tell you these workouts are no walk in the park they will make you sweat. I have cussed
Screen shot from Butt, Thigh, and obliques
out the videos more than once, but I feel so good and have noticed not only weight loss but muscle building.The videos are numbered 1-5, 1 is easiest -5 hardest. I have a few videos saved that I'm working up to, right now I use mostly 3/4 videos with 1's and 2's mixed in.
Most are a mix of cardio and strength training. I've noticed they seem to have a fondness for the downward facing dog pose and planks. Then again it could just be the videos I'm choosing to hit certain areas. 
Anyway let me tell you the best part... is it's all FREE! Yeah how cool is that, and if you sign up you can have a page with all your favorite videos right at your fingertips.
They even have an extra pages with recipes, advice, and more all sorts of things to help you make the most of your workout and diet. The site is run by a Husband and Wife
Screen shot Tabata HIIT workout
duo, both making the videos and doing the workouts. According to the about us page, "Daniel (the hubby) has worked in the fitness industry since 2000, and has a degree in Food and Nutrition. Kelli (the wife) has worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and has degrees in both Psychology and Sociology." They work out of their house doing this full time.
I really like how they've gone about and beyond to make this a site that will help folks get fit. The exercises are well developed flowing together, allowing you to do as easy or hard a workout as you can. The videos are narrated to help guide you through all the exercises and keep you focused. All in all I've found Fitness Blender to be a wealth of information and a wonderful place to get workouts.
Website: http://www.fitnessblender.com

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