Monday, July 1, 2013

Kayaking vs Canoeing

About five years ago we bought two kayaks, and really enjoyed going out in them. Then I found out I was preggers with our son and that was pretty much the end of that. We did go out a few times but only when we would get a baby sitter. After getting two new vehicles none with a roof rack, and it's kind of hard to haul anything in a convertible, we kind of gave up. The sad thing is I loved our in the kayaks. I liked being in control of how fast or slow I went. If I flipped it it was on me, and paddling was a great an work out. The kayaks were lighter, and I could carry it by myself. They are easier to maneuver and can go into tighter places than the canoe.
Now we have two kids. Which means the hubby and I can't take the kids in the kayaks so hubby got the awesome idea to sell the kayaks and buy a canoe
I don't like the canoe. Yes I did give it a chance but I still don't like it. Sure there's room for the kids, but kids are fidgety and almost flip the stupid thing. Paddling sucks, steering sucks, and leg room is nonexistent espeically with the kids. It's not even comfortable to sit in.
In my opinion the kayaks were way more fun, than the canoe will ever be. Hubby likes the fact he can fish out of the canoe easier, though. I guess as long as I can get out and do something I can compromise.


  1. I think you should think about getting another kayak - the kids will get bigger soon, and you can maybe go kayaking with them. OR, as my son-in-law does, he just takes a day for kayaking - either with a buddy, or on his own. Calls it his meditating time. He's even taken his daughter with him, they both fit in the Kayak, though he said she was ready to leave pretty quick.

    Seems like the people who like to kayak - REALLY enjoy kayaking. :)

    1. Well the good thing is my mother-in-law is the one who bought the kayaks so we can still use them, if we want. But putting all that money into the canoe and not using it seems wasteful. I did that with our daughter too, before I got to big, now she's to big to sit with us.


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