Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{Review} Merrell Siren Sport Hiking Shoe

I bought a pair of Merrell's Siren Sport hiking shoes a couple years ago, and while not my favorite shoes these do the job. When I got them they were waterproof, with Goretex lining. I could step in a mud puddle and my foot would stay dry. After about a year of wear were no longer waterproof, but other wise they are still in good shape. As you can see in the pictures these have taken a lot of wear, they are my go to hiking shoes. When I first got them they were super comfortable, and I didn't mind wearing them everyday. Now the sides rub on my little toe slightly,
not enough to make a blister but enough to be uncomfortable. The tread no longer grips as well as it did, when I got them. Although these are summer shoes, they do not grip at all on ice and never have. As of right now these are pretty much my hiking shoes period, I don't mind taking them through the muck and the mud. They are well constructed and after several years aren't fallen apart so that says something. I would totally get another pair of Merrell brand shoes.

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