Friday, July 12, 2013

Visiting the Lake

We went  to the cottage again today. Took the canoe down to test out the rudders hubby made. There made from PVC pipe and pool noodles. Totally not hi-tech but they work and the canoe didn't flip over when hubby stood up. The mother-in-law and her husband were there practicing with the kayaks, so I borrowed one and paddled around for a little bit. Hubby took his mom out in the canoe and then we paddle around the lake a little bit. The kids had a blast swimming and I have to admit that even though I hadn't intended on getting in the water it felt great. Nice and warm, it had cleared up since we were down there the other day and you could see right down to the bottom at certain spots. It was nice. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so no pictures. But I had to brag that I got to go KAYAKING!!!!

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