Monday, July 22, 2013

What I carry when hiking

I thought it would be neat to go over what I typically carry for a day hiking. What I have on me actually varies with where we are going. If we are doing an ADK trail then I carry my bigger pack, this has a space for a water bladder as well as my gear and food. If we are going local, for example Wehle state park, then I can go with my smaller Maxpedition side carry. Which only has room for a water bottle and a small amount of gear.
If we have the kids also effects which bag I take, as does the length of the trail.

Standard for both bags is a first aide kit, this has the basics band aids, alcohol prep pads, insect sting stuff, antihistamines and feminine hygiene stuff (hey I am a girl after all). I also have a bandanna/ head wrap, and knife (either a Mora or Izula).

first aide/ fem hygine

In my big pack I also have a food kit, this has utensils, salt, pepper, some Crystal light drink mix, instant coffee, and tea bags. A whistle, 550 cord, a laminated pamphlet of wild editable, rain poncho, emergency blanket, signal mirror, dry socks, and gloves(you never know).

Actually now that I think about it there are a lot of factors, that effect what I carry and which bag I choose. The Maxpedition is also my fishing bag. I don't carry a lot and it's already packed with most things I need so I just toss in my tackle box.
So that's a quick run down of what I usually carry with me on a hike.

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