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Sunday, August 4, 2013

ARC Abominations

The past couple days I've been reading an ARC (Advanced Review Copy or Advanced Reader Copy) of a book which lead me to this post. I get that ARC's are uncorrected proofs, basically a galley of the book. They are what the author gets for the final run though on edits, well... at least that's what I thought.
I'll admit I don't get many and the few I do get are from small presses and Indie authors. Since they cost more to make I'm honored to get the few I do.
This recent one was from a small press which I expect a little more from since they actually staff people to edit their books. Also this particular one is somewhat well known in certain circles.
When reviewing I don't usually get into the grammar area of books because I'm not that great at it myself. You guys know... I mean you read this, so you must see how bad my own grammar and spelling is. Which is why I don't usually call authors on it unless it's huge, I just don't feel I have a right to rip on someone else bad grammar when mine is just as bad or worst.
But this book had things that should have been caught in the first round of edits, things my nine year old would have known were wrong. Heck a good critique partner would have gotten. It was more like a rough draft than a proof. It truly made me wonder if English was the authors first language or not.
The part that bugs me the most is I can't call the author or publisher on it, because I'm hoping and praying that they'll fix it by the time the book is released, for the authors sake because the book is good.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Have you ever come a crossed a book like this or an ARC like this? What would you do?
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