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Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Book Review} This House Is Haunted: True Encounters with the World Beyond by Hans Holzer

This House Is Haunted: True Encounters with the World Beyond
by Hans Holzer
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
Released: September 25th 2012
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Paranormal
How I got it: NetGalley

Join paranormal expert and storyteller extraordinaire Hans Holzer as he investigates the most famous, and infamous, real-life haunted houses

Perhaps no other paranormal situation captures our imagination more than a haunted house. The idea of sharing a home with the dead is unsettling for the current inhabitants, but according to professor Hans Holzer, it can be equally as upsetting to the ghost. In The House Is Haunted, Holzer explores more than eighty haunted houses—all over the United States and abroad—dissects their history, and speculates on the reasons the otherworldly inhabitants continue to stay in their earthly abodes.

 Review: I was sorely disappointed with this book. Hans Holzer is a well known name in paranormal circles, I expected more from him. The book is composed of multiple stories yet they all are basically the same. He goes or is invited to a home, his psychic tags along does all the "work:" and he gets the credit.
I'm wasn't all that impressed with his process of holding a seance and having the spirit possess the psychic. It was very Victorian. I get that some of these stories took place in the 50's and before some of the fancier scientific stuff came out but his way just seemed fake. Not that the other stuff make the investigations any more believable, but at least there trying. Mr Holzer stated that "Real academically trained parapsychologists don't do this; they work with trained, reputable sensitive psychics with good track records." Okay. I've read and heard interviews with many "academically trained parapsychologists" who don't believe in using psychics. Of course there are others who swear by them, but I'm not sure I fully believe in them myself so it made it hard for me to swallow.
The only thing I found interesting about the stories was the history of the ghosts themselves. Those were interesting and gave the book flavor. Over all not what I was expecting.

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