Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gotta Be More Careful

I managed to sprain my elbow some how. I think it was Friday when I was doing a side plank with a pull, I tumbled and went down on that arm. The thing is it didn't start hurting until Saturday, and it felt bruised. I figured I hit it on something and didn't worry about it. Sunday we didn't do anything so it was fine. Then I must have done something to re-hurt it because the last two days it's ached like crazy. Yesterday was the worst, I wrapped it with an ace bandage and iced it. It feels better today but still a little sore when I use it or one of the kids hit it.
Luckily it's my left arm so I can limit the use of it until it feels better. But it sucks that I have to use the Wii Fit aerobic program because I don't want to put pressure on my arm.

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