Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Monday!

Not much to relate this week. I finally went down and renewed my library card. I was really disappointed by the books and staff. I hadn't been down to the local library in a long time because they have weird hours. Right in the middle of the week and only in the afternoon.The librarian is the mom of one of the girls my daughter goes to school with so I was surprised at how rude she was to us, I mean I guess she was in a hurry but still. Then the volunteer she left in charge knew nothing, I mean she couldn't even show us how to pull up the card catalog. The entire place had changed and it looked like they had scaled way back the number of books they had. I hate to say it but I might have just wasted my time. But the kids were able to get some books out and Little Man enjoyed himself, guess it wasn't a total bust. I guess I can always have the librarian order books from other libraries for me, if I really want.

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Currently Reading...
Soul Screamers Volume One (Soul Screamers 0.5, 1, 2) by Rachel Vincent (Moved to back burner.)
It starts with a scream….
New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent's compelling Soul Screamers series keeps getting better—here, for the first time, the original stories are compiled into one special volume….
My Soul to Lose
—The prequel: never before in print!—
Kaylee is just your average girl shopping at the mall with friends—until a terrified scream bursts from her that cannot be stopped. Taken to a hospital ward, will she be able to save her mind—and her life?
My Soul to Take
She's always felt different, but now Kaylee discovers why. The screams that cannot be denied mean that someone near her will die—and she can never save them. Because saving one life means taking another….
My Soul to Save
Going on dates with her boyfriend is still new to Kaylee. But when the singer of the band they're seeing dies onstage and Kaylee doesn't scream, she knows something crazy is going on. Soon she discovers souls can indeed be sold….

Heat Rises (Nikki Heat #3) by Richard Castle ( Reading for Summer Challenge)
The bizarre murder of a parish priest at a New York bondage club opens Nikki Heat's most thrilling and dangerous case so far, pitting her against New York's most vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad out to gun her down. And that is just the tip of an iceberg that leads to a dark conspiracy reaching all the way to the highest level of the NYPD.
But when she gets too close to the truth, Nikki finds herself disgraced, stripped of her badge, and out on her own as a target for killers, with nobody she can trust. Except maybe the one man in her life who's not a cop: reporter Jameson Rook.
In the midst of New York's coldest winter in a hundred years, there's one thing Nikki is determined to prove: Heat Rises.

Come Alive (Experiment in Terror, #7) by Karina Halle(Splurged and bought it. I needed a pick me up this week and figured a couple bucks wouldn't break us.)
It’s one thing to bring the woman you love back into your life. It’s another to try and keep her there. For Dex Foray, con­vinc­ing Perry Palomino to open her­self to their bur­geon­ing rela­tion­ship has been more chal­leng­ing than hunt­ing ghosts, bat­tling demons and stalk­ing Sasquatch com­bined. Add in the fact that the only way they can keep their Exper­i­ment in Ter­ror show run­ning is to take on a third part­ner in the form of the mys­te­ri­ous Max­imus Jacobs — all while inves­ti­gat­ing a sin­is­ter voodoo sect in New Orleans — and you’ve got the per­fect South­ern storm and a recipe for dis­as­ter. Luck­ily, Dex has never been one to back down, even when his life –and heart — are on the line.

Come Alive is told from Dex’s POV.

Cake: A Fairy Tale by Dina Keratsis (Review)
She has nothing left to lose... When Breena stumbles into the enchanted borderland of Cake, she is given the choice to return to her world or face the unknown. Unable to bear returning to her empty life, she embraces the challenge, much to the annoyance of the handsome, brooding Rune. He wants redemption... Long ago, Rune failed in his duty to guard the Queen Likely and vowed never again to let desire rule him. Then he meets Breena, the last Likely, and least likely, to succeed. Sworn to protect her from the killer who seeks to destroy Cake, Rune is forced to face his awakening desire for the one woman he can never have. Together, they embark on a magical journey to save Cake and while Rune abandons his heart, Breena discovers that she has everything to lose.

Samuel's Girl by H.K. Hillman (Reading for NNMR)
A girl to die for, and she'll make sure you do. Sometimes, they say, reading a book can bring out the beast in you. But what if you brought out the beast in the book? That's what Samuel did when he read an old book. He brought out the most beautiful beast he had ever seen and he made it his girl-and what a girl. All the perfect parts of every perfect woman, blended into one figure. Naturally, she killed him. For Samuel, and for those around him, things went rapidly downhill from there

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  1. Some intense and interesting titles there. I find Cake an unusual title for a book and town in a fantasy, but might explain itself in plot. I hear you about the library! I have moved several times in my adult life, and sometimes the libraries, such as the one in my tiny little village now, have very very limited hours, books and staff. I lived in a little town once that was all volunteer, from donated books to staff to the little cottage--no government funding. Hope you can work around your book solution soon.

    1. Cake has been odd so far, very epic fantasy, but still interesting. I'm pretty such I can have the librarian order the books from another library but it's a non-issue right now since I have books to read :)

  2. OMG...what rock have I been under??? I so did not know they were publishing the books from Castle!!! I will definitely have to do some major downloading to my Kindle now. Thanks for enlightening me today! :)

    Here's my What are you reading? Post!

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

    1. You're welcome! :) I hope you enjoy them.

  3. "naturally she killed him.....and things went downhill from there"

    hahahaha - Struck me, hit my funny bone. :)

    You sure like those scary suspenseful books! Enjoy your week. Cake looks like a trippy book.

    Maybe the librarian was taking to heart the old myth of the rude, stern, mean librarian. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. We're in the 21st century and librarians are allowed to be friendly now. :)

    1. :) Yup. I'm on the hunt for a really scary ghost type read, but haven't been able to find it yet. Maybe, I mean she's always been nice when we've run into each other at birthday parties and school functions. She might have just been having an off day.

  4. Enjoy your "pick me up" read, it sounds pretty intense lol. I used to spend heaps of time at the library but haven't been in over a year, I guess my kindle takes precedence now.
    Have a great week and happy reading :)

    1. Thanks, I love the Experiment in Terror series, but it's been going slowly down hill since the 4th book. To much drama not enough ghosts. I used to go to the library all the time, volunteer etc, but life happened and I haven't gotten down there in a couple years. It's easier to download a book to my kindle than walk a mile to the library. Man that makes me sound lazy, but it's true.

  5. I am sorry your local library is such a dud. I have two that are close and both are awesome. Have a great week of reading.


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