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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Author's Notes

Hi all, this blog is dedicated to my YA series The Survivalistas, which will be posted in a serialized fashion right here. I'm going to try to post a piece of the books in order once a week. To keep track of when each segment is released follow my twitter account, if I get enough people who are interested I may set up a FB page dedicated to the books or publish the books on Smashwords so folks can read it easier.

I'm open to creative criticism and opinions of the story but if you're going to be mean or rude I'll just delete the comments. I'm doing this for fun and as a hobby if it stops being fun then I won't bother to do it. Simple as that.

All written materials featured on this blog are protected under copyright. Any use of part or all of this material without the express written permission of the author is an infringement of personal creative property and subject to legal action.

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