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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

View from FIL deck Monday Morning

We just got our power back on last night after two days without. Well I can't say without, eh here's the story. We lost power Sunday morning about 5am, spent the day without hoping it would come back on. Luckily we have a gas stove, so I was able to cook and heated the house by baking Christmas cookies. Of course that only last so long and kids tend to start getting cranky when bored. Hub's dad still had power and a woodstove. So we packed up the kids, dog and way to much stuff went up there for the night so we didn't freeze. We spent most of Monday there trying to get a generator to work, and get back out of the driveway which was a sheet of solid ice. Shortly after lunch the generator gets working so Hubs brings me, the generator, a couple heaters and some of our stuff home.
When we get back I notice my poor trees, I knew the pine trees out front had been hit bad and lost some branches but the maple out back spit.
pines in front yard

maple in backyard
The neighbors tree which is right across from our kitchen window didn't fair much better than our pines. 

 Another neighbor/friend had branches go through their ceiling and walls when the trees started to fall.
I haven't talked to her yet but I know everyone is ok. We were actually afraid the pine tree would fall on our vehicle or the neighbors. Back to the story... Yay, power well sort of... it was enough to run a light, two small space heaters, the modem, and recharge phones/kindles.
So Hubs goes over to help a neighbor/ friend with his generator and about 7:30 I hear a beep from the kitchen. Praise the Goddess, the power is back!! I immediately call Hubs so he can tell the neighbors, and come home to turn off the generator. I'm glad we had it but boy was that thing LOUD.
We then spent the next few hours getting the house back in order and praying the it would stay on. I'm sad to say we did have some loses in the family due to the power being out all our fish passed on, except one.

Ok now I have to get something off my chest, in 1998 there was another Ice Storm we in the North Country were without power for 3 weeks and there were two deaths. One of them being my best friend. To those who said this storm was worse, screw you. This was a pain but not that bad. I have live in Northern New York my entire 31 years, have lived through the Micro-Burst in '95 and the Ice Storm of '98.
This was the fastest I have ever seen the electric company, towns, state, and community get together to help those in need. It was really inspiring. A HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone who was out working in the freezing cold sometimes in the dark so that we could be safe and warm this Christmas.


  1. Wow! that looks and sounds like some storm, here in London last night we had very high winds and heavy rain but it wasn't icy.

    Merry Christmas ;-)

    1. You're lucky, it wasn't fun that's for sure.
      Happy Holidays!!

  2. Snowy there, huh? Merry Christmas from the Philippines!!!!! ;o)

    1. Snow would be preferable to the ice. :) Happy Holidays!!

  3. Yikes, that looks scary and beautiful. Stay safe and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

  4. The ice is really pretty, it just sucks at the destruction it leaves. Having been through it before it wasn't that scary. You too, and Happy Holidays.

  5. Oh my!!! I'm so glad we are not near any snow storms....
    Hope you are having a warm inside Merry Christmas. Keep safe!


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