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Friday, April 4, 2014

{Book Review} Ghostly Tales: Poltergeists, Haunted Houses, and Messages from Beyond by Billy Roberts

Ghostly Tales: Poltergeists, Haunted Houses, and Messages from Beyond
by Billy Roberts
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Released: April 8th 2014
Genre: Non-fiction- Adult: Ghosts, paranormal
How I got it: NetGalley

A crystal ball haunts a family with images of horrific crimes. A cloven-hooved card shark interrupts a weekly poker game. Threatening phone calls are traced to a long-dead murderer.

Ghostly Tales is an eclectic mix of true stories collected over thirty years by a leading psychic medium. With poltergeists, murderers, and spinetingling spirits, the stories reflect every human emotion and cover a broad spectrum of the supernatural and the unknown. From a man who is seen at his own funeral to a mother who comes back from the grave to give her daughter a coveted ring, the stories contained in this book will arouse both fear and mirth in paranormal enthusiasts everywhere. All the stories are based on events that actually happened and are written exactly as the events occurred.

Review: This is a collection of short stories. Some spooky, some not so much. Then again maybe I'm just desensitized.  I actually like a good ghost story, but most of these I didn't find scary. The only one that really sent chills down my spine was the tale of the women who kept getting calls from a dead killer, who had lived in her house at one time.
A few of the tales were a little comforting, like the one where the guy attended his own funeral. Actually there were two of these tales. One I liked the other was super sad. One tale I had actually heard before, although I'm not sure if it was exactly the same, but it was the one about the devil playing cards.
Over all it was a neat collection if you like these sort of tales, but if your looking for scare your pants off tales this isn't your book.

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