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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Book Review} Sundered (The Nevermore Trilogy #1) by Shannon Mayer

Sundered (The Nevermore Trilogy #1)
by Shannon Mayer
Publisher: HiJinks Ink Publishing
Released: September 1st 2011
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Horror, Sci Fi
How I got it: Bought it

They were promised weight loss, the cure for Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and infertility; they were promised hope.

The side effects were anything but hopeful.

Mara and Sebastian are young, in love and newlyweds. Far too soon, they will face tests to their love that most others won’t survive. Their bond strengthens with each loss, destruction and unbearable race against time. In each other, they find the will and hope to endure. Hand in hand, they will face the darkening of humanity with strength and integrity and an undeniable spirit to survive; together.

Review: I liked the idea behind this book, but I'm not sure I'd call it a zombie book. Which is why I bought it in the frist place, all the reviews called it a zombie story. Millions of people are given this miracle drug for weight loss, Cancer, Parkinson's, and infertility. Side effects it will turn you into a feral creature, that is reduced to it's baser instincts and will eat anything that crosses it's path. But you're not dead, so for me these are NOT zombies. The creatures that the people turn into are more like dogs, they are able to  think on a lower level.
Mara is desperate to get pregnant, when she hears about the drug she wants to try it. Luckily for her she's allergic to the plant it's derived from. Of course she doesn't realize how lucky until the world goes to heck. Safely locked in their house Mara and Sebastian work to survive.But Sebastian has a secret.
I wasn't crazy about the characters. Sure Mara was tough but only when pushed to her limit, she was hard for me to get behind and route for.  The plot moves along well, but I totally saw the twists coming, before they were revealed.
Overall a decent book, but not great.

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