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Friday, May 23, 2014

{Book Review} Obsessed by Jo Gibson

by Jo Gibson
Publisher: K-Teen
Released: May 27th 2014
Genre:Fiction- New Adult: Suspense, Thriller,
How I got it: NetGalley

From master of suspense Jo Gibson comes two heart-stopping novels of romantic obsession--where the love never dies. It kills. . .

The Crush

Michael Barton is smart, sweet, gorgeous--the total package. Which is why some of the girls have decided to have a little contest. Whoever hooks up with Michael first will be the winner. There's just one problem. One of the girls has been harboring a secret crush on Michael for years. She'll do anything to be his girlfriend. She'll play the game. She'll win his heart. She'll beat the competition. . .to death.

The Crush II

Michael Barton has experienced the dark side of love. He has survived the advances of a psychotic stalker. He has endured her deadly game of obsession. And now he is free from her web of lust and lies. But Michael has a surprise waiting for him. His secret admirer is still out there. Watching. Waiting. Plotting her next move. And if Michael thinks he can escape her this time, he's wrong. . .dead wrong.

Review: Through out this book all I could do is shake my head. I mean when people start dropping like flies in winter and connection's are made why oh why don't they back off.
Ok deep breath and lets start at the beginning. This book is sort of two stories fused into one. We start off with Judy who is Micheal's best friend and someone he considers a little sister. They both work at Covers a teen club which offers teenage entertainment. I have to note that Micheal is going to college while all the other employees are in high school. The female staff decide to have a contest to see who can date Micheal, with the exception of Carla and Judy. Seems like harmless fun, until anyone who gets close to Micheal ends up dead with an arrow through their heart. In the first part of the book the POV flicks from Judy to the victims. For a murder mystery the gore level is fairly low, and I felt it was where it should be for the age bracket.
After a while it's apparent who the killer is, I kept hoping for a twist but everything was fairly obvious. Seriously you don't need to be a member of CSI, to figure out how this was going to end. The big thing I didn't get was why did girls keep going out with Micheal. I don't care how perfect a guy is, if all the chicks who get close to him end up dead I'm not going to get smoochie with him. Part of me felt bad for Micheal and part of me felt he should know better. He knew what happen to all the girls who got close to him yet still let them, then again I think he was completely stupid when it came to women. He seemed oblivious to all the girls throwing themselves at him and how manipulative they were.
The plot was ok, but just to predictable. I couldn't find any of the character to really like, the only one who had any redeemable characteristics was Carla. Over all it was good, but could have been better.

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