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Friday, May 9, 2014

{Random Rant} Who's this Creepy Old Guy?

Sorry I love that video and it so works with this post, although I'm going to encompass all supernatural creatures over the age of one hundred. Now I used to love vampires, I thought they were sexy. Yes I'm admitting that. I found them dark, mysterious and yadda yadda. Then they began to sparkle and all bets were off. I guess I lost interest around the time they became popular...again.
Recently I've read a couple books were the love interest is some kind of supernatural creature that lives
forever. While this is moderately creepy with adults, who can consider the fact and decide for themselves. The creep factor sky rockets when it's a YA. I try really hard to suppress this idea when reading books where the main characters are in a relationship like this but I have to let it out.
It's freaken creepy to think that the hero or heroine is stuck forever in a teenage body, dating teens. I mean really think about this for a moment. Weather it's a fey, vampire, demon, angels, etc they would really have the mind of an adult. They have years, decades, possibly centuries of experience. I know I should suspend my disbelief and all that, but these thoughts roll around in the back of my head.  I personally find it a little insulting when there is a character who's this old and is utterly naive. But what gets me is why readers don't consider this?
Why is it we consider vampires, for example, as sex symbols and not who is this old guy trying to suck my blood? Sure they look like, and even act like they're teens, but really mentally they are much older. While granted they probably can't go after girls their own age, due to the looks etc couldn't we at least acknowledge that technically there is a huge age difference. Or is it just easier to ignore that fact all together? Is it one of those if I don't think about it, it doesn't matter. If the author doesn't address it, neither do I as a reader.

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