Sunday, June 8, 2014

Burpees are the Devil

So yesterday after a rather vigorous leg workout, where DK encouraged me to dead lift 80lbs, this is more than half my weight. Which I'm proud to say I did. J asked what a burpee was, so I showed her. This was a very very very bad idea. I got down, kicked back and felt as if my abs had ripped open. Waves of intense soul searing pain, ok I'm being dramatic, but it really hurt. So bad that I thought I was going to throw up.
I lay on the couch a sweaty whimpering mass with an ice pack on my stomach, for awhile and the pain lessened enough so I could crawl into a Epson salt bath. I tossed in a little Eucalyptus oil for good measure.
I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle when I did that burpee. So now my abs scream every time I use them, and surprisingly I use them a lot. Things like sitting up, standing, walking, sneezing, laughing, etc. I've been icing them and trying not to use them, which seems to help.
Unfortunately our redneck neighbors decided to set off fireworks at midnight last night, I bolted up from a sound sleep and oh my god did that hurt. Then they proceeded to set them off again, every time I started to fall asleep for like two hours. It was like cannons were blasting outside my bedroom window. Ugh!
Thankfully the AC drowned out the hooting and hollering that followed each blast. Also surprisingly the kids slept through the noise, guess we were just closer.
Anyway to sum up, burpees are the Devil. I'm swearing never to do them again.

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