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Saturday, July 26, 2014

{Book Review} New England's Scariest Stories and Urban Legends by Summer Paradis, Cathy McManus, Wayne Bud Ridsdel

New England's Scariest Stories and Urban Legends
by Summer Paradis, Cathy McManus, Wayne Bud Ridsdel (Illustrations)
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Released: June 28th 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction - Adult: Paranormal
How I got it: NetGalley

Journey through New Englands darkest places and read 22 of its scariest stories and urban legends. Explore mysterious cryptids like the Dover Demon, Pigman, the Sea Serpent of Gloucester, the Dublin Lake Monster, and the Derry Fairy. Meet Champ, the legendary lake monster of Lake Champlain, and a fisherman who found himself thirty feet from the beast. See the grave of Midnight Mary and the Desert of Maine, and judge for yourself if their curses are real. Try to walk with the Leather Man and wonder why he chooses to walk alone. Visit The House of the Seven Gables and The Shunned House, both famous in literature, and learn of ghosts that still linger there. Cross Emilys Bridge in Vermont, creep over the alleged vampire Mercy Browns grave in Rhode Island, and more. New England promises to scare you!

Review: I found this book extremely fascinating mostly because of the tales I hadn't heard before. I mean The House of the Seven Gables has been done and even I've seen Chessie. Ok not the actual lake monster, but a statue of it someone placed in the lake. Anyway my point is that stories like the Pigman and etc that I hadn't heard before were much more interesting. Not all were super scary, but I will admit that a few gave me chills. Like how when you cross Emily's Bridge you can hear her feet scraping the top of your car, seriously kinda creepy. I also liked the authors notes at the end of each tale. They talked about their experiences and what the actual places are like. I was slightly bummed that the pictures didn't come through on my ereader, but not to much since they would have been in black and white and it wouldn't have done them justice anyway. Over all I thought this was a well researched and interesting book.


  1. Thanks for the review! I am sorry to hear that the pictures didn't show up on your ereader! The pictures are in color (except for the illustrations Wayne drew). If you are interested in pictures from the areas in the book, there are a lot on our website and I am adding more whenever I get the chance. ~Cathy McManus

  2. You're welcome. I will check out your website, thanks.


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