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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quick Update on Me

I don't usually post a lot about myself on this blog keeping it for books and book related topics, but I feel the need to post this. I'm currently dealing with some personal family issues. I'm not going to get into what is exactly going on if your super interested go to Surviving Being Me. because that's where I whine and vent and whatever. As you've probably noticed I'm not accepting books for review at this time, for two reasons one is what you just read; two I'm already overwhelmed and having a hard time getting things caught up.
As you all can probably imagine my juggling act is falling apart one ball at a time. Right now I have reviews posted out to September so things will continue to post and I do have more in the works, when ever I get to them. Working ten hour days is not conductive to getting everything done that I need to.
So here's the deal authors, publishers, publicist, PR folk etc if you send me anything at this time you probably won't here back from me. It has nothing to do with you, your book, book tour etc, I just don't have the time or will power to deal with more.
At this time my focus is going to be on my family and spending time with my kids before they have to go back to school since I have so little time with them now.

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