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Monday, August 25, 2014

{Book Review} Stalking Shadows: The Most Chilling Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator by Debi Chestnut

Stalking Shadows: The Most Chilling Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator
by Debi Chestnut
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Relesed: September 8th 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction- Adult: Paranormal Investigation
How I got it: NetGalley

If the world of the paranormal were a house, Stalking Shadows would be its wicked basement. And like a basement full of sinister energy, this collection of true stories is powerful enough to snuff out your flashlight, leaving you alone in the horrible darkness.

Join psychic medium and paranormal investigator Debi Chestnut as she explores twelve terrifying true encounters with ghosts, dark beings, and negative entities. Discover an abandoned house of horrors that becomes more evil with every victim it claims. Follow a tortured spirit trapped in a forsaken mirror. Feel the savage pain of a distraught spirit that screams out in agony. Take a macabre journey through the unhappy realms of the astral plane . . . if you dare

Review: I usually have a hard time with psychics, but Ms Chestnut didn't come off as the other authors I've read who claim to be psychic. Her book is start forward, these are her stories and we can choose to believe or not. I really liked that while she stated she has spirit guides she didn't shove them down your throat. Her encounters were varied and it felt like she was trying to bring the reader into her world. Her tales weren't all scary poltergeist and demons, although it seems that no paranormal book is complete without one as she does have a demon or what she thinks is a demon in one story. I liked that these didn't take place in the same old places and where about Ms Chestnut and her team helping people, real people, deal with paranormal problems. The way she treated the spirits as if they were people and not entities to be studies or banished was refreshing.
I really enjoyed this book, Ms Chestnut is a wonderful storyteller, and was able to draw me into her world. I'd love to read more works by her in the future.

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