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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{Book Review} The Hexed (Krewe of Hunters #13) by Heather Graham

The Hexed (Krewe of Hunters #13)
by Heather Graham
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Released: July 29th 2014
Genre: Fiction- Adult: Paranormal romance, mystery
How I got it: NetGalley

A place of history, secrets...and witchcraft.

Devin Lyle has recently returned to the Salem area, but her timing couldn't be worse. Soon after she moved into the eighteenth-century cabin she inherited from her great-aunt Mina—her "crazy" great-aunt, who spoke to the dead—a woman was murdered nearby.

Craig Rockwell—known as Rocky—is a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI's team of paranormal investigators. He never got over finding a friend dead in the woods. Now another body's been found in those same woods, not far from the home of Devin Lyle. And Devin's been led to a third body—by...a ghost?

Her discovery draws them both deeper into the case and Salem's rich and disturbing history. Even as the danger mounts, Devin and Rocky begin to fall for each other, something the ghosts of Mina and past witches seem to approve of. But the two of them need every skill they possess to learn the truth—or Devin's might be the next body in the woods..

Review: I've found myself really enjoying this series. It's rich with history and the paranormal. The great thing, at least I think it's great, is these books while part of a series can be read as stand alone. Granted you might find yourself hooked like me, and want to read them all anyway.
So Devin returns to Salem after her great-aunts death to live in her cottage and write children's books. While working one night she sees a figure outside and thinking some one is in trouble chases after her. Only she's to late and the figure she's chasing is a ghost. Devin is new to the whole seeing ghosts thing, and embraces it after talking to her great-aunt's ghost which is haunting her cottage. Rocky is the hunky FBI agent sent to Salem to check out some strange murders, which look remarkably like the one he stumbled on as a teen.  He too can see spirits but is much more reluctant to embrace his gift.
The chemistry is there between Devin and Rocky but they kind of dance around it, building a bit of a relationship before jumping into anything, which I liked. I actually felt this book focused more on the mystery aspect than the romance, which I also enjoyed. There was just the right balance to keep the book going and engaging.
I really liked all the history incorporated into the book and have to say that Ms Graham did a great job making it part of the mystery. She also did a wonderful job keeping me on my toes wondering who was the killer. I had my suspects, but all the twists and turns made it hard to know just who was on the up and up and who wasn't. I was a bit surprised by the reveal and usually I'm pretty good at figuring these things out. So kudos to Ms Graham.
All in all this was very enjoyable read, if you like mystery, the paranormal, and a little romance this is your book. .


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